071409: Lea

Lea Bituin, 17, I BS Comtech

The outfit: flats from Keds, dress from Ocean Drive bought in the US
Her style, in a nutshell, varies from simple to rocker get-ups.
There are a lot of colorful stuff in her closet.
Favorite brands: Vans, Diesel, Converse, Hot Topic
Preparation time: 10 minutes to an hour – special events call for more time
Hang-outs: malls, gigs and at home

Her hair stood out in the middle of the Zen garden – I could not NOT take her picture. Turned out she just graduated from the same high school where I came from (hello to all the Pasig Paulinians who are reblogging this – I graduated from there 2006). I wish I looked this awesome when I was freshman. I remember going to school with no make-up, bed hair, in my brother’s t-shirts, simple shorts and dirty Converse sneakers.