071409: Kim

Kim Ng, 20, IV BFA Information Design

The outfit: shirt from Zara, dark blue vest from Uniqlo, jeans from Lee, sandals from Ipanema
Personal style: comfy and classic
There are a lot of cutesy stuff in her closet.
Favorite brand: Zara
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Hang-outs: Katipunan, Greenhills

Kim is one of my good friends from my block, and she pretty much has possession of all the cute things in the world. <3 She bought this extremely adorable rainbow necklace from her recent trip to China, and she was also so sweet to bring back a nice silver camera necklace as a gift for me. Love her!

My blockmates and I got addicted to these gashapons at one point in time. We’d collect them in different colors, and even trade (or bribe, lol) if we didn’t get the ones we wanted. Unusually expensive (but fleeting) addiction.

Kim and I went to Toy Town a few weeks ago, and got ourselves Disney rainboot gashapons. We wanted the Minnie and Marie ones – but got Mickey and Donald instead. /cry

A photo of us together. I’m wearing a ruffle top from Zara, and skinny jeans from Topshop. The weather was horrible that day – shooting in the rain and stepping on puddles did not appeal to me at all.

I could live in my Topshop jeans for days… but, eww. :)