071409: Reflex

Jesse “Reflex” Castillo, 20, IV BFA Art Management

His style, in a nutshell, is hiphop.
There are a lot of badass gear in his closet.
Influences/icons: hiphop culture
Favorite brands: Converse, Nike, Pony, Jag, Chino, Padocks, Tribal Gear
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Hang-outs: (in school) caf, CADS room

Jess used to have incredibly long and shiny hair, until everyone from FA constantly egged him to cut it. Eventually, he gave in – leaving that one single piece at the back. We jokingly associate it with having some sort of Samson-like powaaah.

I have yet to find other students in Ateneo who have this sort of fashion.