Event: Graphika Manila 2009

Graphika Manila and lunch at Tokyo Cafe with my lovely friends Kim, Andrew, Teptep, Franny, Kiks and Tracy. Randomly bumped into coursemates, as well as Shawn and Quark inside the Premiere Theater – suddenly, Mad Mad Fun Kawaii Girls nostalgia! And at Mall of Asia too!

This year’s graphic design icon was Sagmeister! Nothing short of genius. I feel so bad for leaving early for another appointment, but yay for the other speakers too – Springboard (they did Urbandub’s Frailty video), Brand New School, Industrial Light and Magic (I LOL’d at “Krispy Kreamed” – HOW INGENIOUS), and Adobo magazine. Garovs and Ryan of Everywhere We Shoot were extremely adorable people  – I love artistic couples. <3