Lunch Date with Crissey

Lunch dates with Crissey last February. I met some of her lovely friends (Riz and Keita) and we all had the nicest food. For some reason, Trissey’s luck is extra high every time we’re together. We never end up at a bad restaurant!

She also gave me a late Christmas gift – the Laduree keychain that I wanted since last October! We spotted it in Hong Kong but ultimately decided not to buy it because it was quite pricey and we’d rather buy macarons. Of course, Trissey being Trissey, food has to be the priority, lol. She remembered that I wanted it so badly, and had someone in Japan buy it for her. So sweet! I immediately put it on my favorite bag as soon as I arrived home that day. Hopefully, it won’t snag my clothes. :D

Merci mon amour!