I got engaged. Now what?


Officially one week has passed since I got engaged, and I have so many questions running in my head. I need to write them down or else my wedding will probably end up a complete mess if I just wing it without properly planning it.

I’ve never organized an event before, so I don’t really know what to expect except all the bridezilla/groomzilla stories I’ve heard so far. Will I be a neurotic bride-to-be? It’s still too early to say, though I’d like to think I’m generally chill. On the outside at least. I can’t really do anything about my anxiety right now, but writing about my thoughts should help.

One of the things that I’m thankful for these past few days of planning (and slowly losing my mind) is that my personal style is so established already that it’s easy to filter out suppliers that don’t match the kind of aesthetics that I like.

But what about the suppliers that I do like? This is exactly why wedding planning is no easy feat. There are so many good ones out there that I’m considering, though I’m a little oblivious about each wedding supplier’s pros and cons. Some of them seem to overlap in particular strengths, so I’m asking for your help. If anyone reading this has been married or is planning their wedding recently, and would like to share some testimonials about certain suppliers, I’d be grateful forever. I need your expert advice, everyone!

* * *

Listed down are the things that I need to take care of for my wedding. Not giving away specifics (yet), but I’ll definitely update this post at least once a month.

Wedding Date

As of 02/01/16: RG and I decided to hold our wedding next January 2017. That gives us the rest of 2016 to plan. Unless our momentum gets halted by things like out-of-town or out-of the-country trips and a series of “hell weeks” at work, I think we can do it with a lot of time to spare. We’re going to have our wedding bands made by the same jeweler RG went to for my engagement ring. We met her over the weekend and she was lovely! Turns out my finger is a 3.75. Having my engagement ring resized at the moment so forgive me for the lack of photos. I’ll reveal it soon!

Ceremony Venue

As of 02/01/16: First thing we booked? Our dream church. Despite the hectic and strict protocol for weddings, I’d forgive it for its beauty. And besides, weddings should start on time anyway!

Reception Venue

As of 02/01/16: THIS IS THE TRICKIEST PART. How do you even? Do I want a hotel ballroom (where packages already include hotel rooms, bridal cars, etc.) or an events place (more customizable)? Do I need to complete my guest list as early as now, or just decide on the guests based on the number of people that can fit the venue? Once this has been decided, I’ll have to take care of the décor, dinner style (buffet? lauriat? sit-down menu?) etc. At this point, I don’t even want to know what that “etc.” includes. Currently, we’re waitlisted in some of our top choices because apparently, we’re already late in the planning game! *cry*


As of 02/01/16: The theme is RG and Tricia…?


As of 02/01/16: Nothing planned yet. A lot of people tell me a good reception is dependent on the host. I personally know two people who host weddings so I’m crossing fingers one of them is available on our wedding date!


As of 02/01/16: Looking at a few florists right now. I’m thinking if I should go all out since it’s all cut flowers… *save the earth* But yeah, I’m looking at simple neutrals and understated elegance.

Event Styling

As of 02/01/16: How does this work if your venue has a package that already offers centerpieces and particular decor…?


As of 02/01/16: Is there anyone or any group that has a set list that doesn’t include A Thousand Years…?

Wedding Planner/Coordinator

As of 02/01/16: Inquiring! I’ll be meeting her this weekend to explore collaboration. Just got her rate for her on-the wedding-day and end-to-end coordination packages.

Bride and Groom’s clothes

As of 02/01/16: I have two designers in mind. As for the design, it’s definitely not going to be crazy or over-the-top because that’s not me. Narrows down my choices for designers, actually! RG and I are also still thinking if we should go with a classic black or a colored suit. We haven’t decided on the general colors yet but I’m gravitating towards neutrals or pastels or both! I still don’t know what kind of gown will flatter my body type and height the most, so I kind of want to fit RTW dresses to see what will look best. BUT WHERE?

Entourage and Sponsors’ clothes

As of 02/01/16: Based on my parents’ experience as principal sponsors, they recommend that we just give the cloth and leave them to go to their own seamstresses. As for the entourage, I’m definitely having outfits done for everyone, though I still haven’t decided on the colors and designs.

Hair/Make-up Artist

As of 02/01/16: I have a lot of industry acquaintances who also do wedding make-up, and right now, I need to remember which one of them was the closest to getting the kind of make-up that I do on myself. Thinking if I should try to have my make-up done by different artists and post results here!

Pre-wedding Shoot

As of 02/01/16: I have pegs in mind. I have a stylist and photographer in mind. I hope they agree! Last resort: shoot it via self-timer as I always do.

Wedding Photographer/Videographer

As of 02/01/16: BOOKED. I’m so excited. The quality of the photos and videos is one of my top non-negotiables.


As of 02/01/16: RG and I actually made a ton of secret Pinterest boards so it’s easier to visualize. One of my favorite boards is all about invitations! I’m thinking of not joining the calligraphy and watercolor route and just sticking to a classic design with letterpress, gold foil (like my book), and serif font (similar to my blog, lol). There’s still a lot of time to change my mind!

Wedding Favors/Souvenirs

As of 02/01/16: I’ve been to a lot of weddings where I never really get to use the souvenirs? I’d hate to give away dust accumulators, so RG and I were thinking of giving away coffee beans since we’re a coffee-addicted couple anyway? What are some of the nicest wedding souvenirs that you’ve encountered? Suggestions highly accepted!

(Not-really-urgent) Honeymoon Plans

As of 02/01/16: Not in Japan, says RG. He says I go there too often and it won’t be as exciting if we don’t go to a place that’s both new to us. THIS GUY KNOWS ME TOO WELL. Where are your dream destinations…?

* * *

I’ll be updating this list until everything’s sorted out. I don’t know when that’ll be, but hopefully as soon as possible! I’d hate to cram around October-December because of the Christmas rush! Wish me luck!