Fukuoka: Joten-ji, Shofuku-ji

Looking for a place to go to this spring? Fukuoka is a great sakura-sightseeing alternative to the big cities in Japan if you’re not too keen on big crowds. I went for a few days first week of April 2016, and it was definitely one of my most memorable trips ever,…

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Fukuoka: Tocho-ji

I’ve seen Tocho-ji and its famous sitting Buddha during winter, but the view totally pales in comparison to peak sakura season. There’s a huge cherry blossom tree right smack in the center of the temple grounds! There’s not much to say when this is right in front of your eyes:

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Fukuoka: Ohori-koen

Feeling just as hopeful about 2017 as the peak of cherry blossoms in Japan. I deliberately saved this post in time for New Year’s because I’m so thankful I got to see this life-changing view with my parents. There’s always something about springtime – not only is it a sort of rebirth…

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