Davao 2016 Part 1

I have 5 posts on Davao queued, and I’m ecstatic to share them with all of you! Besides the fun I had at the Mango Abreeza event, I had such a great time at Rg’s province – meeting his relatives, going to all the places and restaurants he and his family…

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I got engaged. Now what?

Officially one week has passed since I got engaged, and I have so many questions running in my head. I need to write them down or else my wedding will probably end up a complete mess if I just wing it without properly planning it. I’ve never organized an event…

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I’m Getting Married!

It’s 3:25 in the morning, and approximately 3 hours have passed since my boyfriend proposed to me on my front porch. I’m writing at this hour because I want to remember all of today’s feelings. I don’t want to go to sleep without writing these all down first! Another milestone…

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