Osaka: Orange Street

If you love quiet, hipster neighborhoods away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but don’t want to travel too far from the city center, try visiting Osaka’s Orange Street. Formerly called Tachibana-dori (tachibana = a type of orange), the street dates back to the Meiji era as a famous furniture and…

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Osaka: Sumiyoshi-taisha

Of all the times I’ve been to Osaka, I can’t believe I’ve never been to Sumiyoshi-taisha. I have no idea why I’ve never checked it out until my trip last March, but better late than never, I guess? The reason why I’m so surprised at myself is because Sumiyoshi-taisha is…

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Osaka May 2015 Part 6 – Amemura

Amemura, short for Amerika Mura or America Town, is a quirky neighborhood a few minutes away from the heart of Osaka’s Dotonbori. You can just get off Shinsaibashi Station and take one of the exits that lead to a big main road. Take a right at the big Apple store, and voila!…

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