Mango: City Vibes

I might not be in New York City for fashion month, but Mango’s latest City Vibes campaign is enough to make me feel nostalgic about my very memorable previous visits to the city that never sleeps. Ortigas CBD doesn’t look too shabby in comparison – I think I just might shoot around this…

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Why You Should Go For Nude

Nude tonal dressing, I mean. If there’s one fashion trend I embraced over the past year, it’s dressing in one color. And in tones similar to my skin, moreso. It automatically gives you a taller, slimmer silhouette, as well as the excuse to wear your favorite color (since tonal dressing is not just…

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Silk Scarf

Here’s another one of my no-fuss outfits for a whole day of errands and meetings. A few weeks ago, I accidentally burned my knee while steaming clothes. I wore this during the time when my burn was still healing. I was forced to wear long hems to save people from…

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