Sorry I’m not sorry I’m still into tonal dressing and shades of gray and dusty, pale blue. Ahh, I wish I bought this top in all the colors available.

One of my new favorite stores in Japan is called Sense of Place. Urban Research is one of Japan’s fastest growing fashion retailers, with different stores catering to different needs – Urban Research Doors has home goods, Rosso Urban Research has contemporary designer labels and original designs for the upscale market, and Urban Research (the main label), Kagure, KBF, and Sonny Label all have high-quality items that exude organic, effortless elegance. Most of these brands are quite premium, and Sense of Place is like the company’s baby, with a similar look to the Urban Research lifestyle but with super affordable prices. It’s like the GU (where my shorts are from!) to Uniqlo.

There’s a big Sense of Place store along Shinsaibashi in Osaka, and I couldn’t be happier that I was staying in the Namba area the last time I was in Kansai. I also accompanied my mom to the Sense of Place in Canal City Fukuoka, and she loved it as much as I did! I’m hoping they can expand outside of Japan, and open stores in equally stylish cities like Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Don’t forget to check it out if you’re heading to Japan any time soon!

Sense of Place by Urban Research top / GU shorts / Mango bag / Charriol bangle