Cologne: Rheingarten and Hohenzollernbrücke

Rheingarten is Rhine Garden, a park in Cologne that’s near Hohenzollernbrücke, or Hohenzollern Bridge, a bridge that crosses the river Rhine. Quite a mouthful, eh?

During the day, trains and pedestrians pass by Hohenzollernbrücke as part of their daily routine. At night, Hohenzollernbrücke lights up with the Cologne Cathedral and Museum Ludwig in the background. The view makes for a good romantic proposal, so I could understand the presence of so many love locks!

This was one of the few mornings we had in Cologne when the weather was cooperative, so my parents and I decided to walk along the side of the river to enjoy the sights and get our bearings. Spot the Great St. Martin Church in these photos. We failed to check it out, but it’s one of Cologne’s oldest churches. I saw photos of it on the Internet recently, and I kind of feel bad that we didn’t go inside. Next time!

Cologne is relatively easily to explore – most of the famous touristy areas are situated around the cathedral and the main station. After a while, getting a glimpse of the Cologne Cathedral becomes a totally normal thing!


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