My No Fail Fashion Formula

I know I released a book called 150 Style Essentials 3 years ago, but if I only had to choose 5 items that could create a no fail outfit, I’d choose the following:

  1. a white top
  2. a good-fitting pair of jeans
  3. nude shoes
  4. a statement bag
  5. a metallic strap watch

There you have it – my “fashion five”! I’ve done so many different versions of this formula if you’ve followed me long enough. They don’t have to go together all the time, but these are some of the items that I find myself repeating or often reaching out for in my closet.

Everyday, I challenge myself to simplify as much as I can, and try my best to create classic-casual-chic outfits using items that are easily attainable. I don’t particularly dress to stand out in a crowd, and I know my style is nothing special or groundbreaking. But I like being that blogger who tries her best to make fashion seem friendlier, because a relatable style icon was always what I’ve yearned for when I was much younger. It’s nice to be able to have access to all sorts of styles and inspirations now – thanks Internet! :D

Rebekah top / Bobson Japan jeans / SM Parisian heels / Louis Vuitton bag / Time Depot Sheen watch