Motto Tanoshii Philippines 2015

With dokusha models Kamata Mizuki, Koto Honda, and Nakayama Mizuki.

With Miss Universe finalist and actress Nishiuchi Hiro and award-winning singer-songwriter Yasuta Nao.

With Tsunoda Itta and filmmaker Komagata Michael.

I swear we didn’t plan our matching black outfits!

Same age friends!

Thank you for visiting the Philippines this 2015! Hope to see you all again next year!

We often see local influencers being invited to different places around the world to promote tourism and increase awareness for other countries… but did you know the Philippines has also been doing its part to promote the beauty of our own country? 2015 is officially “Visit The Philippines Year”, and I got to see this campaign first hand – I saw a whole train in Tokyo covered in posters inviting people to visit the Philippines. If you were in Tokyo 3 months ago, they were all over the JR Yamanote trains. Really something to be proud of!

Last March, the Philippine Department of Tourism in Japan sent Japanese influencers (called “social navigators”) to experience Cebu, Bohol, and Manila for a whole week. Among them were Miss Universe finalist and actress Nishiuchi Hiro, award-winning singer-songwriter Yasuta Nao, dokusha models (Japanese reader models) Kamata Mizuki, Koto Honda, and Nakayama Mizuki, and filmmaker Komagata Michael.

They went to places like Mactan and Sumilon Island in Cebu, Chocolate Hills in Bohol, and on their last night, Bonifacio High Street in Manila. I met up with the whole group for dinner (Filipino cuisine, of course!), and we all had a great time talking about how fun it really is in the Philippines! Some of them even became mermaids and flight attendants (for the inaugural Narita-Cebu flight) for a day! Everyone was so kind and polite (and not to mention, extremely good-looking like OMG how can you guys be real?!), and we clicked instantly as if we’ve been friends since forever.

This was the exact moment when I thought everything has come full circle. Crossing my fingers I can still continue to be the Seto Ayumi or Maenon (Japanese personalities who showed me around Tokyo while I was there) for international social media influencers in the future! I was somewhat able to do the same when Chloe was here, and I can see myself happily doing it until I’m no longer able to walk!

Thanks for visiting the Philippines, and I hope I see you all again next year! Or see you all in Tokyo, hee <3 ありがとうございました!