Mango: New Metallics

When Mango’s latest campaign “New Metallics” came out, I immediately wondered if I could pull it off as well as Karlie Kloss did in the posters. She can make anything (even a potato sack, most probably) look good, and I really believe that she’s one the best models in the current modeling industry.

Rarely do I go for grungy looks, let alone shiny silver clothing! Mango somehow managed to pull off ’90s rock ‘n’ roll in their own chic, classic way by pairing edgy denim and loud metallics together and keeping the rest of the look soft and feminine.

I like how it turned out! It wasn’t as unusual as I expected it to be. Definitely a wearable styling technique that us normal girls can easily pull off with Mango’s timeless pieces.


Mango top, pants, jacket, and bag

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