Escolta Love Parade Part 2

MacArthur Bridge in the background. The original Santa Cruz Bridge was destroyed during WWII, so they made a new one and named it after General MacArthur.

Probably a long shot for me to try to raise awareness for Escolta through this post, but going on Carlos Celdran’s Escolta Tour really got me to open my eyes about appreciating Old Manila, no matter how seemingly bleak it may seem nowadays. Somehow, we are even blessed to be able to witness some of these structures still standing, in spite of the fact that we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to self-discipline, and truly grasping the concept of a shared history. Worst case scenario is having all these structures torn down in lieu of newer, more “purposeful” buildings. Thankfully, there’s still a God out there who still protects the remaining ones from totally being run down.

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