El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island

I’m so proud of myself for going to the beach twice this summer! The first trip was organized in time for my dad’s birthday (April 22), while the second trip was for my mom’s birthday (May 30). So rare! Congratulate me!

Our idea of a wonderful time at the beach constitutes of relaxing massages, drinks by the pool, eating our hearts out, and spending hours doing absolutely nothing. Basically, it’s our time to slow down from our busy city lifestyle. No parties… as if I party anyway? Lol.

The thing about my parents’ birthdays is that they also happen to be the perfect time to go out of the country. This would explain the dates of my spring travel diaries. Notice how they’re mostly in April or in May? This year, however, we decided on a local destination. My whole family has stayed in Lagen Island 3 times already, but this is only my 2nd time. I was out of the country for work while they sent me photos of themselves doing all sorts of random activities (Like straw hat-making?! I swear my family goes to the beach for the most unconventional reasons!).

El Nido Resorts are our favorite! We’ve been to Lagen Island and Miniloc Island before, but we have yet to check out the newer Pangulasian Island. Rg and I still don’t have plans for our honeymoon next year, but since our wedding will be in January, we were thinking of postponing any Europe or East Asia trips to March or April so we won’t have to deal with the dead of winter. In the meantime, maybe a minimoon at a resort will do! I think it’s a good compromise given how Rg loves the great outdoors while I love big, bustling cities. Minimoon suggestions, anyone?


Black halter swimsuit from CESA / Gingham dress from Yesstyle / Long-sleeved swimsuit from Float Swimwear / Floral bustier swimsuit from Coral Swimwear / Hat from Mango / Black sunglasses from TRIWA / Rose gold sunglasses from Sunnies Studios