Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re itching to do something but you don’t exactly know what? Just when I thought I’ve been doing quite well recently, I curl up at another unexpected moment. I’ve been trying to train myself to anticipate these things, but it seems like I…

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Taking Shelter at SGD Coffee

Remember that one holiday Monday in June, when Rg and I went to UP to shoot the sunflowers but we were met with an abnormally strong afternoon shower? Before we got ourselves completely drenched, we sought refuge at a nearby cafe to wait for the dark clouds to pass. We’ve…

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A Day In My Skin

Tried to go back to old school blogging for a day, with the help of my husband who tried his best to faithfully capture these candid moments. I figured I’d let you guys in on this one very happening Sunday, post-BU13 (thanks everyone who dropped by my booth and bought…

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