A Day In My Skin

Tried to go back to old school blogging for a day, with the help of my husband who tried his best to faithfully capture these candid moments. I figured I’d let you guys in on this one very happening Sunday, post-BU13 (thanks everyone who dropped by my booth and bought…

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Pond’s My Skin Advisor

A few months ago, Pond’s My Skin Advisor app was launched to allow women around the world to understand their skin in-depth and to know how they can achieve their desired skincare goals. It’s actually the same concept as the Pond’s Institute analyzer at the BGC pop-up a few months ago (read all…

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Tresemme x Tricia

How To Control Frizzy Hair

I’ll be honest – Manila’s hot and humid weather is the main reason why I always tie my hair up in a ponytail or bun. It’s so hard to maintain straight, frizz-free hair that can last all day. It’s so much more convenient to pass my hairstyles off as deliberately messy, and tell people…

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Pond’s Acne Clear

Last August 2, Pond’s introduced a 3-day solution to help achieve acne clear skin. People gathered at SM Mega Fashion Hall in their best white casual outfits, as Pond’s girl Julia Barretto talked about her own skin story. Acne Clear influencers Claudia Barretto and Alexa Ilacad also demonstrated on stage the…

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Pond’s Institute

Two trips to Palawan and constant sun exposure during my recent travels definitely made me fear for my skin! To be honest, I sometimes get a bit lazy to care for my skin while traveling, even if I know perfectly well that it’s exactly when I need it the most. It’s hard to…

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Sephora.PH is Now Online

On the first of February, Sephora dropped a bomb and announced something that blew the minds of every beauty and make-up enthusiast in Manila. THEY NOW HAVE A PHILIPPINE WEBSITE. My Facebook feed exploded with status messages reading “Sephora, just take all my money!”, and I could totally relate! I never go…

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