Apartment 8: Studs and Florals

Tricia Gosingtian Blair Apartment 8

(Apartment 8 top and skirt, Sugarfree heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Blair is back! I couldn’t wait to show everyone a sneak peek of the upcoming holiday collection of Apartment 8, so here’s one of the blouses I got to keep after the photoshoot we did yesterday.

Tricia Gosingtian Blair Apartment 8

The studs on the collar make for a nice twist on the basic white button down shirt that we all love. I could see myself pairing this top with all the bottoms in my closet now. There is a certain elegance to it that is absolutely perfect for all the holiday festivities in the next couple of weeks!

In classic Apartment 8 fashion, I wore this top with a floral peplum skirt from one of their older collections. I was just talking to one of the marketing people in Apartment 8 yesterday about how they were able to successfully position themselves early on as one of the online stores (if not the only) that sell the best, most well-made peplum skirts. It has already somehow turned into their trademark, I think! So much that they decided to rework the classic peplum into more daring variations for their upcoming collection (which I’ll definitely be posting here). 

Watch out for my reunion shoot with Katy and Paris soon! XOXO

Tricia Gosingtian Blair Apartment 8

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