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Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Personal Style Photography

Choies top and skirt / Sugarfree boots / Louis Vuitton bag

A few months ago, I had a magazine shoot with styling that was mostly dependent on my own personal style. Unfortunately, I was out of the country when they had a meeting for it, so I only found out about the discussion in my email a few days after.

Other bloggers who attended that meeting and who were also part of the shoot, spoke on my behalf when the magazine team ask the question, “What is Tricia’s personal style, in a nutshell?” And they answered – sweet preppy.

It’s interesting when other people describe your style for you. It makes you think about how you yourself would answer, if presented with the same question. Honestly, I would probably say that I’ve a mild case of identity crisis, and that I think I lack consistency when it comes to how I dress up throughout the year. If you’ve been following me and my Lookbook for a while now, I’m sure you’ve already noticed how I instantly become some sort of sparkly flower fairy every March to June/July, and try to be all sorts of serious with my more structured, simple black outfits for the rest of the year. Talk about seasonal dressing… or just being plain moody.

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Personal Style Photography

During the shoot, I brought my own items, but the stylist also pulled out items that she thought I could wear for the shoot. She did some research on my Lookbook… which I think was slightly embarrassing, haha. But seriously, it became, again, one of those amusing instances where you see other people interpret your own style for you.

True enough, I saw a lot of collared button-downs, sweaters, and dainty high-waisted skirts… a.k.a. my uniform, LOL. I thought, “Ah, is this the image that I project in public? I am consistent after all?” I guess it’s because I know myself the best that I’m surprised by how incredible people minds work, how they can instantly say something about you and your style, solely based on some pictures posted online. People seem to know you more than you know yourself.

Recently, I’ve been trying to practice my judgment skills, so I can be as good as these people. However, for some reason, I can’t quite describe other people’s styles (or anything, for that matter) in just one or two words. I remember being asked to describe Laureen’s personal style in our Preview cover shoot, and it took me about 4 awkward sentences to express myself. (The gist of my description of her style was that it was a head-turning one that can be seen from miles away.)

Heh, will get there eventually.

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion Personal Style Photography

Anyhow, I’m finally back in Manila after a week long sponsored familiarization trip to Indonesia. I have tons of backlog to work on, like my sponsored posts for this month (my monthly posts for Just G, Bayo, Apartment 8, etc.), as well as my Hong Kong travel post, MOFW Hong Kong, but do expect more frequent posts starting today. Cue fireworks! Now, where are all the Filipino food…